Shoto Budo Dan Grade Candidates

Senior Grades - Solvalla, FinlandBeyond practitioner grades in Shoto Budo, the advanced grades begin with the accomplishment of Black Belt, which is split into 5 levels referred to as Dan. 1st Dan to 5th Dan and are available to adult candidates only.

At the Senior National events, the grading panel tests those candidates who have demonstrated advanced skills over a period of intensive training. The test is fair and rigorous with great onus placed on the club instructor to have thoroughly prepared the candidate.
Responsibility also rests with the candidate to travel to clubs and courses regularly where senior grades can advise and assist in their preparation.

Pauline Walmsley - Fifth DanCreating a personal training journal for presentation at the Senior National is a requirement at all the Dan levels as is notification via a short profile on this section of the website by way of notification to the grading panel and other senior instructors.


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Closing and Unbalancing Practise

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