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A Memory

Vinnie was among my first students and started with the engineering and other apprentices from my work. He was also the second of my club to become Black belt. He had many attributes including being a musician who played organ in church, piano in bands and at parties as well as the guitar, drums and just about anything he came across. He would organise courses and events and encourage everyone around him in whatever we were up to, be that a camping trip or a martial arts course.

Vinnie had a strong personality and I always encouraged and supported that. He started and ran clubs in Edinburgh, Maidenhead and Greenock and always had a large club because he was so keen and dynamic. After the death of my first wife, Vinnie became my closest friend and he helped carry me through a very difficult time. He also became a close friend to my new family and it was a privilege when he spent time with us.

I miss my friend, remember and pray for him often. One more thing, Vinnie always asked me to be open to all the people we knew especially in the martial arts world and with that in mind I would like to say, "thanks", to all those we have met, trained and practised with.

Please remember Vinnie in your prayers.

Bill Haggerty

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Vincent Strachan

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