Vincent O'Neill Strachan

Vincent Strachan

On the 7th Sepember 2002 at the age of 45 a much loved and highly respected member of Shoto Budo, died suddenly.

Vinnie Strachan 5th Dan was always a hard working, hard-hitting, intense Master Martial Artist. He achieved the highest award in Karate and continued to look and strive for improvement in himself, his students and his peers.

He was many things to many people, but above all he was honest, truthful and accepted responsibility for his own and others' actions. He remained a true friend to all he came in contact with and a peacemaker between those who had any kind of disagreement. Vincent Strachan was and will remain an inspiration and role model for all those who came in contact with him.

Vincent Strachan Trophy

As a deeply respectful memorial to him a Vincent Strachan Trophy, designed and sculpted by Richard Price, is awarded by Technical Director William Haggerty and the senior grades of the organisation twice yearly at the Senior National Event. The winners of this trophy, chosen from the entire membership, are seen to capture some of the drive, passion and spirit so typical of Vinnie.

"I sat quietly and thought of Vinnie. The following words came to mind and inspired this sculpture."

Precision, Accuracy, Impact, Balance, Solidity, Clarity, Effort, Humour, Foundation, Strength, Energy, Impression, Memory, Inspiration. (Richard Price 2002)

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Vincent Strachan

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