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As scientific experimentation progresses, many of the concepts and theories we have lived with and learned are disproved and replaced by others. In time of course we may also find these to be flawed.

Martial Arts are similar to science in this respect and as such what is correct teaching and practise can be uncertain.

Shoto Budo, as a martial art with self-defence as its key principle, distinctively uses modelling processes to examine self-defence, self-awareness and personal development within the modern environment. From this we are well equipped to identify and structure the training of a myriad of appropriate skills for specific purposes and individuals.

This intelligent and inclusive approach, avoids the blind acceptance of theories, assists in the recognition of flaws and improves the quality of our instruction.

There are several models, which are used in Shoto Budo. Illustrated below is the main one titled, Spiral Model of Developing.

This model offers great value to the student and instructor alike by exposing them to and providing them with a wide variety of skills. Progressive ability is gained through continuous revisiting of these skills approached from a variety of practise principles. The wealth of new experiences and perspectives here are manifold.


William Haggerty

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